Sometimes there’s nothing better than leafing through old photo albums at fond memories of you and your loved ones, loving how cute you secretly reckon you were back in the day – whilst pretending to call yourself ‘chubby’ (the more you protest the more compliments you’re guaranteed, right?)

But on the other hand, some photos contain blasts of the past of some of the worst fashion crimes so cringeworthy they should be destroyed forever (seriously)…

On the up side, we can take solace that we weren’t alone, with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hitlon seriously monopolising the noughties’ penchant for huge waisted belts and outrageously massive metallic handbags…


Here’s 15 of our most cringeworthy fashion trends we wish we could forget. Which would you like to see erased from memory, and which (more worryingly), do you wish could return?

1. Adidas Button Up Trousers


Once the very definition of ‘cool’, Adidas Button Ups dominated 90’s fashion. You simply weren’t considered ‘on trend’ if you didn’t own a pair of these. The louder the colour of stripe down the side was directly related to your status – the louder the better. Whilst those rocking full leg length ‘buttons’ were so far up the social scale, you couldn’t believe it.

2. Tie Dye


Tie Dye was your go to look if you wanted to impress, as this snapshot of leading point of fashion for nineties kids ‘Clarissa Reveals It All’ proves so well…

3. Scrunchies


We’re as shocked as you are Phoebe Buffay, but this massive 90’s hair trend is actually making its way back to the modern girl…

4. Dog Tags


You knew you were looking fine if you were rocking a pair of (probably fake) silver dog tag chains. Even better if they came with writing. To hell with Coco Chanel’s motto ‘Less is more too.’ The more the better was our mantra with this cringeworthy noughties trend.

5. Barely There Eyebrows

"Batman Forever" Los Angeles Premiere

You cringe at old photos, because well basically, your now treasured eyebrows used to be virtually non-existent. People who tag you in these horrendously shaming pics on Facebook are basically the devil in disguise. If Drew Barrymore’s brows were allowed to get this thin under the care of the world’s leading hair and makeup artists, when armed with a pair of tweezers and left to our own devices, it’s little short of a miracle any of us have any eyebrows left.

6. Step Haircuts


The step haircut was worn like a badge of honour. The closer the shave and more pronounced the step, the more respect you got in the playground. Few knew at the time that it would be laughed at mercilessly in school photos for decades to come.

7. Shellsuits


Shellsuits were all the rage back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Naturally, the most popular outfit was this bright blue, purple and pink number. But other colour options were available for those wanting to (ahem) stand out (even further) from the crowd.

8. Bedazzled Belt Buckles

belt buckle

Bedazzled belts were The Thang – and if you really knew what you were doing, Playboy would be incorporated (cringe x 1000)…

9. Velour Tracksuits


R.I.P. pink Juicy Couture tracksuits and all of the velour ‘copy-cats’ your hideous creation spawned. As modelled in the amazing movie of the noughties Mean Girls.

10. Baker Boy Hats


Whilst it’s hard now to conceive of a world where we thought forcing two straggly strands of hair (a la Keira Knightly in Love Actually who is also stylishy rocking the velour trend here) into a baker boy hat was cool, we blame it on the fact that Love Actually is one of the best Christmas movies ever – and we were clearly easily brainwashed.

11. Baby G Watches

baby g

The only fashion accessory you needed in the 90’s – this was the must-have Christmas and/or birthday present for years as we completed over the most ‘blinged-out’ or blindingly vibrant shades of colour popping hues.

12. GAP Hoodies



GAP hoodies were everything to children of the 90’s (despite our childish rumours of what GAP was the abbreviation of…)

13. Global Hyper Colour Tees


Yep. These potentially rather embarrassing T-shirts changed colour with your body heat and every 80’s kid wanted one. In fact, we kind of want one now. But we would be rather strenuously opposed to moving in case we worked up a (literally glowing) sweat.

14. Crimped Hair


Even Britney looks pretty undecided about this bold hairstyle. But we thought we looked fierce, and went to work cooking our hair with our Babyliss Crimpers.

15. Embellished Jeans


You mean jeans with nothing on it? We were no fools and went all out for embellishments – particularly going mad for angel wings for some ungodly reason? The more sparkly the better as far as we were concerned.

16. Bandanas and Headscarves


As if any of us needed proof that the bandanas and bedazzled headscarves of the 90’s and early noughties were a bad idea, here’s a picture of fashion queen herself Victoria Beckham looking like a (quite scary) pirate…

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