The Gobbins is back – complete with suspension tubular bridges, caves, steps, and tunnels carved through spectacular rock face.

After six decades of closure and a £7.5 million investment, Mid and East Antrim Borough Council have reopened The Gobbins to the public, giving eager thrill-seekers and adrenaline-junkies the chance to uncover the once hidden wonder of the Antrim coast and indulge in an exhilarating cliff path walk.


The reimagined cliff path is sure to draw in thousands of visitors each year from across the globe – as well as re-establishing itself as the iconic Northern Ireland attraction it once was.

Yes amazingly – after relishing five decades as Northern Ireland’s top tourism attraction, even exceeding the popularity of the Giant’s Causeway in its heyday, The Gobbins sadly went into disrepair and closed to the public in 1954.

So now in an arresting blast from the past, the reimagined treasure has brought what was once a thriving 1900’s hotspot into the 21st century.

Now back with a bang with bookings coming and going fast, Gobbins has preserved its original charm to offer the same spellbinding appeal that it did in its prime.

The new additions bring it into the modern day – including a state-of-the-art Visitor Centre with a café, an Interpretation/ Exhibition space, pre-tour rooms, a shop for branded memorabilia and local crafts, as well as a Tourist Information point.

Our curiosity has been piqued – and we reckon it will make the ideal adventurous day-trip for couples, families and friends alike.

The Gobbins cliff path requires a reasonable level of fitness. There is also a height restriction in place and booking online is essential at for the hourly tours that depart on the hour from 10am until 3pm is essential. Tickets cost £8.50 per person and £23 for family tickets.

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