While phone shops and e-cigarettes outlets appear to be the flavour of the month in the city centre, in a year’s time we could be coming down with robot hire shops or businesses that pay cash for glass.

Although we’ve got some long-standing tenants like Boots, M&S and Primark, the turnover rate of businesses in the city centre is reflective of the changing needs of shoppers.

Given the rotating shop fronts in Belfast over the years, we’ve set you the task of trying to figure out who occupied these 15 locations before their current owners…

1. Can you recall any of the former occupants of this megastore?

2. The back of Donegall Arcade used to be a prime location for coffee lovers. Can you remember who used to be at the current site of TX Maxx? 

3. Do you remember what sort of merchandise was sold here in Arthur Street before colourful cookware?

4. These units (and the car park to the left) were once a mecca for kids of all ages – do you remember what was here?


5. Well-read folks might be able to recall at least one of the former shops at this building on Royal Avenue.


6. These four guys could well be reminiscing about the former owners of 48-50 Fountain Street. Know who they were? The owners, not the four guys!


7. Do you remember the days before Nero? Which restaurant used to occupy this corner location?


8. It might be a Starbucks now, but this location used to be a lot more camp.


9. Which store was the first in this location at the corner of Donegall Place and Castle Street? Their name is still in the brickwork!


10. The original tenant in this upstairs/downstairs corner location in Castlecourt is still elsewhere in Belfast. Do you know who they are?

11. HMV seems to have been around for a long time, but can you remember what was here before?


12. Anyone remember the clothes shop in Castle Lane before Studio Souk took up residency?


13. DW Sports is on the way, but can you recall any of the former tenants of this three-floor store at Donegall Place?

14. Before the Doc was in residence, which deliberately dyslexic clothing company sold their wares at this Corn Market location?

Shop Doc

15. And finally, can you remember which famous store used to have an entrance where Dunne’s Convenience is now located?



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