In Northern Ireland we’re fiercely loyal, it’s one of the things I love about this place.

But sometimes that loyalty can be very much misplaced.

Calum Best

Calum Best

Recently Calum Best hit the headlines after his book Second Best: My Dad and Me was serialised in the press. George’s family have accused Calum of lying and betraying his father.

Ten years ago George Best died in hospital, a victim of alcoholism.

It cannot be argued that Belfast born George was a sporting legend. A man much-loved by his fans worldwide.

But it can also not be argued that he had many flaws, some of which are hard to hear about our Belfast boy.

Only one person on this planet can call themselves his son. Only one person on this planet had a parent, child relationship with the Manchester United and Northern Ireland star.

Therefore, in my opinion only one person can tell the story of what it was like to be the son of this alcoholic superstar.

Like many other children of celebrities Calum Best was thrust into the public eye from a young age. Like many other children from broken homes he grew up with parents who lived apart. Like many other children Calum Best saw first hand the suffering an alcoholic can cause their family.

Very much like his father at a young age Calum hellraised and hit back. He drank, partied and woo’d beautiful women.

Today, he’s a very different man. He’s fit, healthy and takes care of himself mentally, physically and emotionally.

For the last ten years he’s been grieving, with us, for the superstar Belfast boy George.

BOOK 2015 Predictions 09175292042But his hurt runs deeper. He lived a life we can never imagine and we have no right to assume we can.

His book Second Best: My Dad and Me will be a hard read. It will make you angry, upset and hurt – it will take us down a road we don’t want to go as he opens his heart and painfully describes life with our superstar George.

It’s unfortunate that George’s family don’t accept that Calum has a right to his memories – good and bad. It’s unfortunate that instead of offering a hand of support to this young man George’s family have hit out accusing him of lying and betraying his father.

We may not like the fact that Calum has chosen to tell his most intimate thoughts in this book but we have no right to judge him for that – he’s not the only celebrity with a story to tell.

I will be on BBC Radio Ulster Talk Back today from 12.30pm to discuss Calum’s book.  The show will also feature an interview with the reality TV star.

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