Our friends at Yelp Belfast have come up with a list of the best sharing restaurants in Belfast, a list that we’re firmly in agreement with. We’ve also added a few of our own favourite places.

Listed are the 9 best restaurants for those who love tapas, commonly misconstrued as Spanish food, it’s simply lots of little dishes that we can graze on while chatting about what’s been happening on Facebook.

1. Coppi


Named after an international cycling superstar, this restaurant is one of Belfast’s star performers in its own right. The wealth of Cichetti (Venetian inspired snacks) and Pizetta (mini pizzas) mean return visits are a necessity.

2. Zen


Zen first opened in Belfast in 2003 and has now added a second restaurant to its portfolio at St Anne’s Square. Both are a wonderful way to celebrate Asian cuisine where lots of little nibbles are positively encouraged.

3. Deane’s Deli

Deanes Deli

A bitesize introduction to the Deane’s experience can be had at Deane’s Deli through their very affordable selection of plates, pastas and risottos to mix and match.

4. Kitch


This stylish BOYB on Dublin Road has a great line in tapas dishes including some excellent flatbreads. They also have menus dedicated to vegetarians and children, and therefore vegetarian children.

5. Sakura


Hop on board the sushi train at this popular Botanic eaterie. If it’s several bite-sized tastes of Japan you’re after then Sakura is your destination. The lunch specials and takeaway options are great value.

6. 2 Taps


2 Taps is a match made in heaven for lovers of wine and tapas. Their fayre is mostly of the Spanish variety and their big selling point is their large outdoor dining area, fully covered and equipped with heater in anticipation of the next downpour.

7. Horatio Todd’s

HT (1)

Situated in the area now being nicknamed ‘Ballysnackamore’, Horatio’s have been going strong now since February 2010. Their menu is full of great offers including a great selection of tapas and light bites. 


8. Birdcage


If you don’t want to jump straight into the ‘Feed’, then Birdcage, one of the star attraction over at Stranmillis, has some excellent tapas options in the form of ‘Birdmunch’ and ‘Pecks’. The hot mess combo is begging to be shared!

9. Barking Dog


The tapas menu in the Barking Dog stars Confit Squid, Kilkeel Crab, Black Pudding Fritters, Pan Fried Chorizo Sausage and Beef Shortrib. It’s available at £3 each, 3 for £8 or 5 for £12. It’s gonna be the 5 for £12, isn’t it?


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