The last time a football team from Northern Ireland were in the same country as the World Cup was 1986, but that’s soon about to change.

The actual World Cup, in all its gleaming glory, is coming to Belfast on April 24.

The Jules Rimet trophy will be here for the premiere of Shooting for Socrates at Belfast Film Festival in the Waterfront.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has given his personal authority for the iconic trophy to be present in recognition of Northern Ireland’s Jim Boyce OBE, the outgoing Vice President.

Boyce will be guest of honour when the film is launched in Belfast on April 24, and he will be joined by most of Northern Ireland’s 1986 World Cup squad – the last NI team to reach a major tournament.

If you’re going along on the night make sure and get a selfie with the World Cup, it would be rude not to!

But don’t be too forceful, watch what happened when this guy trying to get his hands on the trophy…

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