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Home is…
Where my address is. Like I’m gonna fall for that one. Next you’ll be looking my mum’s maiden name and the last three digits on the back of my card.

What would you do if you had the keys to the city for the day?
Probably get them all cut so I can have the keys to the city for the rest of my life.

What’s the most interesting discovery you’ve made in Belfast?
The 24-hour Asda closes at midnight on a Saturday.

Which building would you most like to be locked in overnight?
The Europa Hotel. Preferably in one of their suites overlooking the whole city with my own hot-tub and coffee machine.

Celebrity crush?
Clare Balding. I just think she’d be great at helping me assemble bunkbeds.

What’s the last major event you attended in Belfast?
The IN! Magazine Awards at the City Hall. Myself and my girlfriend, actress Diona Doherty, were nominated in the ‘Most Stylish Couple’ category alongside Jamie Dornan and his wife and Rory McIlroy and his girlfriend.

Favourite restaurant?
Myself and my partner enjoy a nice meal out at the Failte restaurants. The food and service is fantastic and it’s dirt cheap.

Favourite bar or club?
As a comedian, I’d have to say the Empire (every Tuesday) or Lavery’s (first and third Wednesday of the month), two really great comedy clubs with amazing audiences.

Best place in Belfast to spend a fiver?
Boojum by a million miles.

What movie most closely resembles your life story and why?
Probably The Notebook as I had to write to my girlfriend for a whole year when our internet got cut off.

Sum up Belfast in three words?
Cold, beautiful and cheap….Sorry, did you say Belfast or Buckfast?

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