Visitors at Belfast Zoo are in adoration of the three super cute penguin chicks who are starting to explore their new surrounds.

penguin 6

Just like any expectant parents, Belfast Zoo prepared for the tiny new arrivals. Zoo Keepers installed ‘nest rings’ into the penguin enclosure and put up umbrellas to protect the penguins from wet weather as well as providing shade in the seemingly non-existent Belfast heat.

The little ones are now beginning to become more independent and are exploring the penguin pool.

penguin 4

There are 17 species of penguin and the baby chicks in Belfast are gentoos. Gentoo penguins (and all other penguin species for that matter) face increasing threats from marine pollution, habitat loss, global warming and over-fishing.


The female penguin will only accept a male if he presents her with the perfect pebble. If he lives up to her standards she will her nest ring with pebbles to lay her eggs onto. From there, a family is formed.

penguin 3

Zoo manager, Mark Challis said: “Every day during the summer we have a full schedule of feeding times.  Call by the penguin enclosure at 2.30pm every day to see them enjoying their ‘fish suppers’ and to catch a glimpse of the five little chicks.”

You can support the care of Belfast Zoo’s Penguins by taking part in the animal adoption scheme.

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