The last thing you’ll get from a football fan is sympathy.

The stadium woes at Windsor Park have been blamed on everything from cowboy builders to an excavation pit at the ground, from fans doing ‘The Bouncy’ to the hand of God.

Due to the structural damage to the ‘Kop’ stand coupled with ongoing building work, Linfield won’t play again at home this season, the Irish Cup final will be moved and Northern Ireland’s game against Romania in June is also likely to be played elsewhere.

Here’s 4 songs to mark the subsidence of the West Stand at Windsor Park.

1. The Jam – Going Underground

The only was is down for the West Stand!

2. James – Sit Down

Could the West Stand slippage spell an end to ‘The Bouncy’?

3. Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down

Could the ‘Not On A Sunday’ protesters have invoked the wrath of the Big Man?

4. Bob The Builder – Can We Fix It?

This job might be beyond even Bob. But what about his cousin, former Sheffield Wednesday striker Gilles De Bilde? (one for the football anoraks!)





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