Belfast universities consider an almost countless number of applications every year and that number may be about to grow as a recent study revealed that Belfast is the most affordable city for students.


Cities were compared through student spending in key areas, including essentials, socialising, fitness and hobbies. While it’s pretty cheap to study in Belfast, Southampton and Nottingham were close runner-ups.

Here are the top five affordable cities…

1. Belfast

2. Southampton

3. Nottingham

4. Edinburgh

5. Manchester

Belfast students spend a mere £16 on groceries and about £46 on rent per week which is only half of what most students spend. If you’re on the fence about applying to a university in Belfast, I think that just made up your mind.


Queen’s University, Belfast

Students at Portsmouth were announced the most cost-effective while Newcastle students were deemed the most sociable (if shouting over club music can be called sociable).

Around the UK students appear to be eating out more often and spending less on groceries, and we all thought students were meant to be skint.

Ulster University Belfast Campus

Ulster University Belfast Campus


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