Kit Harington slagging off Belfast is a bit like when someone slags off your uncle.

It’s okay for the family to question the merits of yer da’s brother, but when an outsider does it, may the Sword of Storms strike him down!

In an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Harington, who plays Jon Snow in Games of Thrones, said Belfast, the city he’s been living in for the past 5 years was “wonderful for 2 or 3 days.”

He went on to say that our tourist board celebrates 3 things – having the most bombed hotel in Europe, building a ship which that sunk on its maiden voyage “and now they have Game of Thrones, the most depressing TV show in history,” he added.

“Yer ma” was what parody news site The Ulster Fry had to say about Harington’s remarks. Read the full story here


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