The excitement is building as Belfast gears up to see the largest partial solar eclipse to be seen from Northern Ireland in a long time.

The eclipse will take place at 8:26am in Belfast on Friday morning March 20. By mid-eclipse at 9:30am, 93 per cent of the Sun will be obscured, and people will be able to see a crescent Sun in the sky.

Queen’s University is holding a day of public events to celebrate the largest Partial Solar Eclipse to be seen from Northern Ireland in many years.

Two events open to the public are being held:

A special Eclipse Watch event is taking place at the font of Whitla Hall in the morning. Astronomers from both Queen’s Astrophysics Research Centre and the Irish Astronomical Association will be on-hand to explain the event to everyone present.

Telescopes with special filters will be available to allow direct viewing, and eclipse glasses will also be handed out. Warning – never look at the partially eclipsed sun directly without special eye protection.

When and where: Friday, 20 March from 8:15am – 10:45am, Whitla Hall, Queen’s University.

This will be followed by a Jupiter Watch event in the evening at the front of Queen’s Lanyon Building. The giant planet Jupiter is extremely easy to see in the evening sky at the moment. Visitors will be able to look through telescopes to see the clouds in Jupiter’s atmosphere and at least two of its moons.

When and where: Friday, 20 March from 7pm – 10pm, near the War Memorial, Lanyon Building, Queen’s University.

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