The VMAs sparked bitter tweets from the likes of Nicki Minaj who lashed out when she missed out on a nomination, but this isn’t the first time that musicians have turned on their creative peers.

But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Taylor Swift (who was nominated for Bad Blood – how ironic) was one of the first stars to respond to Nicki Minaj’s tweet…

Oh but the tweeting didn’t stop there (hint: it never does).

Taylor’s hit Bad Blood is reportedly about a feud with Katy Perry who nabbed Taylor’s backing dancers shortly before a show. For some bizarre reason Katy thought she was justified to get involved in all the Twitter fun.

In this case, the real question isn’t: is the music industry skewed in favour of skinny women? It’s how on earth did Nicki Minaj think Anaconda deserved a VMA?

Current discussions about unfairness in the industry have sparked Nicki Minaj and others to cling to elements such as body-shape as down right excuses.

Of course Nicki didn’t get a VMA nomination probably because her music video was utterly bizarre.


Nicki Minaj at the 2011 VMAs

Tensions between musicians is not a new concept. Back in the ’90s  Noel Gallagher told a reporter he hoped Damon Albarn and Blur guitarist Alex James would “catch AIDS and die” as part of the feud that arose between Oasis and Blur. Kinda harsh, don’t you think?

When the feud fizzled out the Gallagher’s turned on each other, often leaving one another stranded on stage, forced to perform solo.


Noel Gallagher looking moody, chances are he’s just argued with Liam

Yet the VMAs seem particularly tense for musicians – contrasting characters are all forced into one room with their competitive sides running wild.

When Twitter came along everyone started to get a lot more vocal. If not vocal, passive aggressive.

Last year things were tense between Beyoncé and Kim at the awards ceremony because Beyoncé and Jay-Z didn’t show at Kayne and Kim’s wedding, in fact Beyoncé posted a selfie from her holiday online as the vows were being exchanged.


Beyoncé at the 2014 VMAS

But feuding doesn’t confine itself to one genre – rapper Eminem has had multiple feuds with everyone from Mariah Carey to Will Smith.

In his song Vegas he threatened to rape Iggy Azalea. She was not impressed…

Earlier this year Zayn Malik left One Direction, cue Twitter war with ex-best friend and One Direction member Louis Tomlinson.

Although this may not qualify as a full-on feud, perhaps just a childish boy spat.


Amongst all the fighting, there is some laughter to be had. At least some musicians don’t take it too seriously.


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