We’re launching a “Save The Hastings Duck Campaign” this morning after the devastating news that the hotel chain were axing our little colourful friend came out.

“That’s it” I said and the hashtag #SaveTheDuckVibe was born.

10309500_10152537321998373_6487028559996178057_nWe’ve been trying to work out how many there are now since they launched 20 years ago.

For those who don’t know, every guest who stays in a Hastings Hotel in Northern Ireland gets a free rubber ducky. And if you’re lucky your rubber ducky will be one of the limited edition ones.

I have three myself. A bright pink one and two yellow ones. One which was liberated after an all night party in the Europa a few years back from a room I shouldn’t have even been in.

Anyway, I digress.

Julie Hastings of Hastings Hotels said: “We introduced the ducks to our hotels almost 20 years ago and they soon became part of the family. People love to take the ducks with them when they check-out and they are a regular feature in home bathrooms.

“Even celebrities go quackers over them and throughout the years the ducks have met hundreds of celebrities including Rory McIlroy, Lionel Ritchie, Michael Douglas, Jane Seymour.

“People might think we are quackers for doing this, but with so much love for our ducks, we have decided they should go out on a high when there is still so much love for them.”

“Right hashtag SaveTheDuckVibe” I exclaimed around the office.

“Hmmmmmm how can they possibly get rid of our wee ducks” I winge.

“aaaaaahhhhh” the penny drops. It’s April 1.

Have a great day. I’m away off to ring Fiona at DRC to claim compensation for my distress and emotional trauma at the thought they were going to kill off our wee duck.

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