Rory McIlroy has plenty to smile about now that he has lifted his second World Golf Championship title.

But if you were to bump into the world number one golfer, would you know what to say to him – after you congratulate him – of course?

For those of you who don’t know your birdies from your bogeys, here’s 9 explanations of some of golf’s wonderful words to help you bluff your way.

1. Par – Standard number of strokes for each hole.

2. Albatross –  Three under par score at a hole.

3. Birdie – One under par score on a hole.

4. Bogey – One over par score on a hole.

5. Dog-leg – A left or right bend in the fairway.

6. Eagle – Two under par score on a hole.

7. Fore! – Warning shout when a shot may endanger others.

8. Big Dog – Slang name for a driver.

9. Duck Hook – A shot that flies sharply from right to left (for right-handed golfers) and is hit unintentionally.

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