Bad drivers are regularly criticised, but are those people treading the footpaths any less worthy of a slagging?

Here are 9 of the worst types of walkers you’re likely to encounter…

1. The Occasional Runner

We’ve all seen the bloke with ‘Running Late’ written all over his face, breaking into the occasional sprint as he aims to make up a few seconds on his journey to work and nearly choking himself with his flailing man bag in the process.

2. The Wall

Obviously maths isn’t their strong point if they think 4 people will fit side-by-side on 1 footpath!


3. The Sunday Stroller

It isn’t a race, but a bit of urgency wouldn’t go amiss.

4. The Emergency Stopper

Whether distracted by a ‘Closing Down Sale’ sign or passing starling, these people slam on the brakes at short notice, and then give off at YOU when you end up abruptly spooning them.


5. The Wobbler

The only thing giving this person enough momentum to meander from one pub to the next is the jaunty angle they walk at.

6. The Man On A Mission

Can’t you see I’m more important than you, now outta my way or else the stockmarket will collapse!

7. The Kamikaze Texter

Risking life and limb to make sure their social media is up to date.


8. The Silent Singer

Some people can’t walk without headphones in. It’s like watching the X Factor with the sound off as they mime their playlist, throwing in the odd air grab for effect.

9. The Bag Lady

It never fails to amaze me just how many shopping bags 1 woman can carry and still make it to the bus where she then takes up the entire baggage area!

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