We recently went along to the stylishly low-key Birdcage on the Stranmillis Road.

Having previously (mistakenly) heard that Birdcage exclusively sells chicken, we had somehow always missed this hidden gem.

Within minutes of admiring the quirky décor and ordering off the expansive (hunger pains inducing) menu, we were already planning our next trip.

Quirky is key at Birdcage

Here’s nine reasons why we will be (frequently) returning to Birdcage.

1. Fr-Omellette

The Fr-Omellette at Birdcage

One of the greatest brunches we have ever had the pleasure of tasting, the fr-omellette is an innovative take on the traditional fry.

The oven baked fry is served in a skittle, with three eggs, clonakilty black pudding, mushrooms, bacon, tomato, sausage and soda dunkers.

Indeed, the egg is bursting with running yoke – perfect for dunking. Whilst the omelette meets fry means you find hidden pieces of mushroom and sausage in and amongst your healthy portions of sausage and pudding. Hats off to the chef – and whoever invented this ingenious meal.

2. French Toast

French Toast with maple syrup and bacon at Birdcage

Our rather intelligent Brunch Buddy meanwhile, opted for something different in the name of research.

The result? A mouth-watering plate of French toast with bacon & maple syrup for £7.95.

The accompanying bowl of butter cubes melted instantly when added to the delicious hot toast, the perfect combination with the maple syrupy sweetness and crunchy bacon. We will be getting this on our next visit.

3. Birdcage Brunch Cocktails

The Flora Dora (tall glass) & Brunch Fizz Bomb (tumbler)

The wonderfully astute brains behind the menu at Birdcage have recognised the need for delicious cocktails at brunch.

Served Saturday – Sunday 10am – 4.30pm and ranging from £6.95 – £7.95, the Brunch Fizz Bomb had our name written all over it. Consisting of Prosecco, Lemon Cello & Muddled Cranberry, this refreshing cocktail was the perfect accompaniment to our feast.

Meanwhile, our intelligent Brunch Buddy struck again – ordering the Flora Dora (pictured in the tall glass). Gin, Raspberry and Lime topped with Ginger Ale – this reminded us of laying back with a cocktail on holiday in the sun.

4. The Coffee…

Coffee at Birdcage

For anyone opting for the more sensible option, (or for anyone needing a caffeine hit after one too many cocktails) we were equally impressed by the delicious coffees on offer.

We also found it particularly good value for money – with a mug of filter coffee and free refills £1.90.

Whilst a pot of tea, with free refills and free teabags too, is £1.80.

That being said, we opted for a Latte at just £1.80 and Cappucino £1.95 – which were the perfect end to our meal – particularly when warm and snugly inside looking out at the rain.

5. It’s NOT all About The Chicken At Birdcage

We had heard through the grapevine that Birdcage exclusively serves chicken (largely due to the name, we presume).

Whilst we are as fond of chicken as the next person, we are pleased to report that the likes of the Tiger Prawn Taco, 6oz Kettyle Beef Burger, Grilled Salmon – to name just a few from the expansive menu – more than dispels these rumours.

The Birdcage

(But they DO make addictive chicken as well…)

6. Special Offers

Offers at Birdcage

From the likes of Taco Tuesdays (5-11pm Tacos & two cocktails for £10.95), Margarita Monday’s (2 for 1 cocktails £6.95 or Nachos and & two cocktails £12.95), to name just a few, it seems like there’s always an incentive to visit Birdcage any day of the week.

We were particularly intrigued by the Stay Bar Menu, which offers a Small Plate for £3, 3 for £8, or 5 for £13.

7. Burgers and Wings

Featuring chicken; 6oz kettyle beef; pulled pork; or falafel all burgers are served in a toasted bap with lettuce, tomato & red onion, as well as sweet potato or home fries.

You can even add fluff with cheese, bacon, halloumi or fried egg for £1.20.

Meanwhile, you can get a 1/2 dozen or go for the full whack of buffalo wings – honey, soy & sesame, or sticky bbq for £5.95 or £9.95.

8. Jars & Shots

Jars & Shots at Birdcage

Flavours range from Soda, Fresh Mint & Lime to Apple, Ginger & Cranberry Spritzer for £2.65.

You can add a shot of Absolut Vodka, Tequilla, Gin, Havana or Jägermeister for £3.35 to make it an appetizing cocktail.

9. It Can Fit In With Your ‘New Year’s Resolution’

Healthy food at Birdcage

Between the healthy salads and plentiful options on the menu, you can even stick to your new diet at Birdcage.

Finally, somewhere we can indulge with friends – whilst eating fresh, healthy food that won’t give you a food belly.

Check out their site at belfastbirdcage.com as well as their Facebook page to keep up to date on all of the special offers.

Salmon at Birdcage

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