Everyone knows us ‘Norn Irish’ are legends.

As evidenced in our 21 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Truly Norn Irish, which featured our addiction to crisp sandwiches, aversion to pigeons and unwavering belief that a cuppa tea will always solve our problems. It also highlighted our culinary skills in the form of the Belfast Bap (yum).

The exquisite Belfast Bap

But now, here’s 8 more facts that are far too real about being truly Norn Irish…

1. Even When We’re Trying To Be Nice – We  Slag Each Other Off

happy christmas ni

Because “What’s wrong?” sounds so boring and serious, “What’s wrong with ya, ya eejit?” just shows you care – without sounding too awkward/ harsh. (We had to go for a mild example – but you get the idea…)

2. No Matter Whose House You Are In – There Is ALWAYS A Stolen Pint Glass (Or 5)…


It’s like a rite of passage – every home seems to have them. In abundance.

3. The Norn Iron Accent Is Officially The Sexiest In The World (but we knew that all along)

The prominence of celebrities from Northern Ireland, including Jamie Dornan, Liam Neeson and Rory McIlroy, may have helped to ensure the popularity of the accent, according to a recent ASDA poll…
jamie dornan

As featured in our Norn Irish Words & Phrases our accent, when combined with our very own dictionary of words (with some standard English thrown in for good measure) makes our voice the stuff of dreams.

If you don’t believe us, just listen to Julian’s dulcet tones…

4. But That Does NOT Mean We Enjoy Hearing Our OWN Voice…


Whether you’re preparing for an important language exam and need to (unfortunately) record your voice to improve your accent, or you accidentally hit the dreaded record button on your camera, why is it that hearing your own voice is actually one of the most excruciating experiences on the planet?

5. We’re Better Than Clarkson

We’re so superb at parking (and driving in general) that we are fully prepared to film an (almost 20 minute long) running commentary on those less fortunate (to put it mildly) than ourselves.

6. Our Summer/Winter/Autumn/Spring Looks Like This…

ni weather

With the freezing cold rain and freezing cold wind right now, we’re actually missing the warm rain of summer.

…So Much So That In Winter We DESPISE Going Outside (and make sure everybody knows about it)

going outside

 We may be known for our freezing cold weather. But that doesn’t mean we have to get used to it. Cue expletives.

7. We Start Getting Excited About Christmas In November

Yes we all heave a sigh of contempt at the supermarket when, the day after Halloween, we’re met with full-scale Christmas displays. Yet mere days later we’re buying up the snow globes and stock piling advent calenders (or maybe that’s just us)…

Maybe it’s not limited to us amazing Norn Irish, but we seem to be going into OVERDRIVE with Christmas this year.

christmas tree

Indeed, our newsfeed was cluttered with Christmas trees going up mid November.

8. We Don’t Take Any Lip

As featured in our Hilarious Videos From NI That Went Viral, there’s simply no back-sass allowed when we’re trying to be serious. Not even from our mammies.

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