Botox is often associated with celebrities as they strive for younger looking skin.

Some of whom we would even venture to say, have gone a little too far. But it can be amazing, and when done right, shouldn’t change the shape of your face. With some of the most stunning Hollywood stars said to have had the subtle procedure.


But in celebration of the launch of Martina Collins’ new dentistry and aesthetic clinic, we’ve discovered that there’s actually more to Botox than we’d originally thought…

1. Botox was discovered through food poisoning: a German doctor discovered it in the 1820’s after a group of people died following being poisoned by a batch of blood sausages. Turns out it was the toxin in the meat that killed them.

2. It cures migraines: Botox actually received FDA approval in 2013 to be used as a treatment for migraine headaches. The weird thing is, no one is quite sure why it works for migraines but is probably something to do with blocking the signal at nerve endings.


3. It can be used for chronic pain: Especially in chronic neck pain when injected can significantly reduce pain by relaxing unnecessary muscle tightening.


4. It can used to stop excessive sweating; this happens by blocking sweat glands which can reduce sweating especially in hands and underarms.


5. Beware of fish oils: If you take certain medication like aspirin or indeed fish oil supplements they can thin the blood and cause significant bruising at the injection site! Remember to divulge all medications and supplements to your practitioner.

fish oil

6. It is the most researched drug in the world; With over a thousand research papers written about botox there is nothing we don’t know about Botox and its effects.


7. It is the #1 cosmetic procedure in the world: there have been over 11 million treatments to date.


8. You can become immune to Botox; There are reports of people building up a resistance and antibodies to Botox. It is thought this is less likely to happen in preparations without added proteins.

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