Just as there’s always room for another hot dog at a barbecue, there’s always room for another restaurant in Belfast.

Here are 7 eateries on the way to the city that we’re very excited about…

1. Eddie Rocket’s

Rest Eddie

The Irish-owned burger chain has 35 outlets across Ireland and is set to add another on Belfast’s Lisburn Road. It’s first outlet in Northern Ireland was in The Quays shopping centre in Newry where 25 jobs were created. The Belfast franchise should bring 40 new jobs. Brilliant burgers and new jobs. We’ll toast that. With a strawberry milkshake.

2. Ed’s Easy Diner

Rest Ed's

Having launched its first restaurant in Boucher Square, American-style restaurant Ed’s Easy Diner will open a second outlet in Belfast. The location and date of opening are as yet undisclosed. Ed’s has made a name for itself in the UK thanks to its burgers, chicken, hotdogs and fries served in 1950s American diner setting complete with jukebox. Their All Day Breakfast Burger is particularly appealing.

3. Raw Food Rebellion

Rest Raw 2

Just opened on the Lisburn Road, Raw Food Rebellion is a clean eating, vegan, dairy free and gluten free cafe built on the ethos of nutritious and delicious food and drink. This looks to be an invaluable new asset to the Lisburn Road.

4. Nandos

Rest Nandos

A third Nando’s restaurant is soon to open at Boucher Retail Park. The popular chicken-based eaterie already has two restaurants in Belfast in Bedford Street and Victoria Square. Is there such a thing as too many Nandos?

5. Five Guys

Rest Five

US fast-food chain Five Guys have teased us by telling us they’re scouting locations in Belfast, but we’re still in the dark as to where and when they’re coming here. Five Guys have built a cult-like following across the world for their menu of top-quality food that is prepared fresh and on a daily basis. There are no freezers in any of their restaurants, with fries cooked using peanut oil, said to be healthier than normal methods.

6. Slim’s Kitchen

Rest Slims

Slim’s Healthy Kitchen is due to open a new outlet on the Belmont Road in the very near future. It will be the third Slim’s restaurant in Belfast adding to its popular locations on the Lisburn Road and at Victoria Square, where it’s got both an express and mini version of the business.

7. Yum

Rest Yum

One of Stranmillis’s most popular eateries, Yum, are now recruiting for their new restaurant on the Lisburn Road.  Yum believes in perfection in simplicity, offering a contemporary casual dining experience with menus that offer something for everyone.

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