Who better to dress up as this year for Halloween than your favourite Game Of Thrones character?

Whether you’re a Deanerys, Mother of Dragons fan, an idoliser of the beautiful Margaery, resident ice queen Cersei or harbouring a budding bromance crush on Kit Harrington as Jon Snow, here’s our pick of the top 7 Game Of Thrones costumes this year.

All available online, be sure to get in quick as they are sure to sell out fast – and let’s face it. There’s nothing worse than ordering a costume online for Halloween and it showing up five days too late. Leading us to turn up in our last-minute home-made improvised specials (aka cutting up cereal boxes & using a bin bag for a cape) while privately damning our past, disorganised self…

Eight_Halloween_costumes_that_are_so_bad_they_re_good (1)

1. Daenerys Targaryen Khaleesi

Ebay, £18.95


For £18.95 channel your favourite ‘Mother of Dragons.’ A pretty awesome costume if you’re already blonde, or happen to own a long silvery-blonde wig. Otherwise, you’ve got some more trawling through Amazon to do. To accessorize, all you need is a heap of golden bronze jewellery, curling tongues and lots and lots of braids. Oh, and long gladiator sandals. Obviously.deanerys2

2. Margaery Tyrell

Ebay, £29.07 (approx) 


Yet another beautiful woman from Game of Thrones. Ideal if you’re blessed with long dark hair – who could resist this sexy blue dress from Ebay. We love the nipped in waist, aqua blue colour,  sexy slit up the side, and dramatic gold detail effect so much, we’re dusting off our debit card as we speak. We just wish we could get away with wearing this one in day to day life.


3. Cersei Lannister



Embrace everyone’s favourite baddie by dressing up as Cersei Lannister this Halloween. Note eye-rolling, lashings of attitude, and seriously bitchy one-liners are compulsory.


4. Jon Snow

Ebay, £49.59


Channel the ever brooding Jon Snow with his famous fur cape from Knights of the Blackwatch. Paste a moody look on your face, and don’t forget to look seriously displeased that you’re in Belfast.


5. Catelyn Stark

Ebay, £25.54


Very rarely was Ned Stark’s wife not dressed to impress in varying shades of emerald to dark green, with heaps of fur thrown in. What with her pale skin, auburn honey glossy locks and deep eyes – who can blame her. Now you can copy Catelyn Stark’s style with this fab fur cloak. It’s just a shame you probably couldn’t get away with wearing it everyday.

$_57 (1)

6. Melisandre

Ebay, £13.09


Priestess of the Lord of Light is naturally, always in red – in keeping with her worship of fire. Make like Melisandre in this medieval gothic style red satin dress. Keep makeup pale with contrasting red lips, and look out for a flaming red wig, or simply stick the hood up!

$_12 (1)

7. Dragon Warrier



Make like the amazing dragon warriors with this authentic looking costume. Top marks if you add bronze makeup, eyeliner and a long dark braid…


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