National Seafood Week runs from October 9-16 and to mark the special occasion we’ve put together a list of some lesser known fish facts about Belfast.

Seafood Week, run by Seafish, is an important way of encouraging consumers to get their recommended ‘two a week’ portions of seafood from sustainable sources, and to encourage an increase in seafood consumption.

The website is full of information on tips on how to enjoy seafood whether it’s cooking from scratch, buying it readymade or enjoying it whilst dining out.

Belfast’s Top 7 Fish Facts

1. A De-cod of Service

Fish Ewings

Celebrating the oldest fishmonger in Belfast, Ewings, 100 years old and customers are still hook, line and sinker!

2. What a Catch!

Fish Big

The Big Fish is a printed ceramic mosaic sculpture by John Kindness which stands at 10 metres long, constructed in 1999 in Donegall Quay in Belfast. A Belfast legend!

3. Splashing Out

Fish Mourne Seafood

Culinary institution, Mourne Seafood Bar, is unique in Northern Ireland as it sources all of its shellfish from its very own shellfish beds.

4. Holy Mackerel!

Fish on street

For the time when a Belfast lorry accidentally flooded the streets with freshly caught fish. Read about it here

5. Squids In

Fish St Georges

Local market St George’s, is one of Belfast’s oldest attractions – and is renowned for selling great quality fish.

6. Frying the flag

Fish sustainable

Belfast has achieved its first Sustainable Fish City star, for gathering pledges from six iconic local restaurants and holding a fish tasting event for its residents.

7. The Plaice To Be

Fish windmill

The Windmill is one of the most loved fish’n’chip shops in the heart of the city, famed for its lovely staff – and even lovelier food.


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