Belfast’s Start Together Studios have become a recording haven for local and international musicians.

Now in their seventh year making quality recordings, we thought we’d take a quick scan through the growing discography at these Belfast Recording Studios to bring you a sample of the amazing tunes that have been put together right here on your doorstep. Find out more at

1. And So I Watch You From Afar – Set Guitars To Kill

ASIWYFA have travelled the world taking their relentless energy to stages far from their base on  the North Coast. They’ve recorded four albums at Start Together. This opening track from their debut captures the foot stomps of 50 Northern Irish musicians as the guitar siren wails above their incessant beat before giving way to one hell of a noise.

2. Wonder Villains – Zola

Derry Indie-Pop quartet Wonder Villains wrote a pop tune about football legend Gianfranco Zola. Then they called him up and asked him to be in the video. He said yes! Here he trains the girls to beat the guys in the park. They produced their debut album at Start Together and even named it after their producer Rocky. It’s called Rocky.

3. Robyn G. Shiels – Upon Such Things

Long-time collaborator with Start Together, Robyn G. Shiels is the current Northern Irish Music Prize holder for his album ‘The Blood Of The Innocents’. There’s a charm and fragile beauty in Robyn, captured by Producer Ben McAuley in the rooms of Start Together Studio.

4. Wheatus – Feat. Josh Devine & Sandy Beales – Only You

An unlikely collaboration between NYC’s Wheatus and One Direction’s live drummer & bassist. It’s a song about an angry fan who attacked Wheatus singer Brendan live on stage in England. The story is played out by Lego characters and even more unlikely than all this, it was mixed in Belfast at Start Together by Rocky O’Reilly.

5. Math The Band – Stupid and Weird

Synth-Punk duo Math The Band from Rhode Island, USA mix guitars, drum machines, synths, gameboys, vocoders, swearing and lots of sweat together to create one of the most intense, crazy sounds we’ve ever heard. There’s also a cat eating pizza in this video! This album was mixed at Start Together.

6. Aborist – Twisted Arrow

Reflective, downbeat Americana Indie twists and turns via the voice of Mark McCambridge, with the help of the Pixies’ Kim Deal on backing vocals. The video captures the American-centric pursuits of many throughout Northern Ireland for an unusual and eery backdrop that suits this song perfectly.

7. General Fiasco – Bad Habits

Ever-popular General Fiasco sadly called it a day in 2013, leaving behind two great albums and influencing an incredible amount of young musicians all across the UK. This is one of many tunes that hit hard and ran deep.

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