The world is a weird and wonderful place, full of bizarre rules, myths, habits and sayings.

Here are six crazy paradoxes…

1. Paracetamol vs Alcohol

Paracetamol packs in UK supermarkets are limited to hold only 16 tablets and some stores implement policies meaning you can only buy one or two packs at a time, pretty cruel when you’re buying painkillers in anticipation of a fortnight’s worth of holiday hangovers. Plus, when it comes to alcohol – a far more dangerous substance – you can buy as much as you like.

2. R Plates

In Northern Ireland new drivers are required to display R plates and drive no faster than 45 mph on the motorway for their first year on the roads but when they’ve crossed the border into Ireland, they can hit the accelerator and bump up to 70 mph.

3. Hot Drinks

It’s freezing so you do what any sane person would do, you get a hot drink “to warm your insides up”. Then summer comes along and you remember that, scientifically speaking, hot drinks cool your body down. You just can’t win.


4. Cleaning vs Germ Parties

The social pressure to keep your home clean is bad enough but why bother when exposing ourselves to germs is great for our immune system? Germ parties are held when a child develops a disease like Chicken Pox so they can spread the germs to all their friends and together they can improve their immune systems. Sounds a lot more fun than vacuuming.

5. Blowing Hot Food/Drink

While cutting your food up to release heat actually works, blowing onto it with your breath, which is 37°C doesn’t (but you’ll keep doing it anyway, just in case).

6. Sweets

As kids we’re told sweets are bad for us and can lead to diabetes and so on but when we then achieve something (even as minor as sitting nicely at the dentist) we are rewarded with sweets. Like, “well done, here’s something to increase your chances of developing diabetes.”


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