Whether you are just a few dates into a new romance or you and your love have been together so long you can recognise their laugh from across a crowded room, it’s always a bit of a struggle to think of where to take them next.

With that in mind we’ve enlisted the help of blogger Lucy McGrath to make things a little easier for you. Here is her definitive list of perfect places in Belfast to take your other half.

1. Victoria Square Dome

To start the proceedings, take your love on a trip to the Victoria Square Dome. It’s easy to forget about this fairly new Belfast landmark, but what better way to begin a romantic evening together than looking out at dusk through the blue-lit glass and on to the city skyline.

2. 2 Taps

2 Taps

Now it’s time for food. When it comes to Belfast there are countless eateries which would be perfect for a romantic night out. My advice, take your date to 2
Taps Spanish tapas restaurant in the city’s Cathedral Quarter. You can order all your dishes together which makes for great bonding time and once they arrive at your table, you can feed each other to your hearts content (or argue over who gets the last boquerones).

3. Bert’s Jazz Bar


Once your tastebuds have been satisfied its time for a pallet cleanser. Conveniently located just a few steps from 2 Taps’ front door (handy with a full stomach) is the elegant Merchant Hotel, so why not treat your lucky one to an espresso martini in Bert’s Jazz Bar. With live music every night of the week, this is the perfect cosy spot to get lost in each others eyes…

4. Northern Whig

Northern Whig

Now to round off an evening of romance with some great music and even greater atmosphere in one of Belfast’s historic buildings, The Northern Whig. Formerly the location of the newspaper of the same name, The Northern Whig is the ideal place to take your other half. A wide selection of drinks are available including several award winning cocktails, all served by the very dapper bar staff, with a house DJ on weekends to take you dancing well into the night.

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