Now that the Peter Robinson has stepped aside from his position as First Minister, here are four alternative career paths he could pursue.

1. Rambler


As a politician he’s accustomed to rambling and all those trips up and down the big hill at Stormont could have paved the way for life as a rambling man. It would be a fitting career choice given that the NI executive now has a mountain to climb.

2. Actor


The role of the new James Bond has been much discussed. Could Peter Robinson be the man to fill the famous suit? A big plus point is that he’s been mentored by the original Dr No, however the casinos and martinis mightn’t sit well with the DUP ethos. He’d do well in a remake of Never Never Never Say Never Again.

3. Businessman

I’m sure he’s got a few pounds set aside, so why not go into business with his wife Iris’s old flame Kirk McCambley? You might think that sounds insane but it wouldn’t be the first time Peter Robinson has entered into a power-sharing agreement with someone who he’d previously classed as ‘the enemy’.

4. Claimant


Going on the dole and claiming benefits wouldn’t be a bad option for Peter Robinson. While many get questioned as to the authenticity of their claims, Peter will have zero hassle considering he’s pretty tight with Social Development Minister Mervyn Storey.

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