Daniel Radcliffe is a brilliant actor, on stage and on screen, but recently he seems to have been getting bored of the fictional world.

Here are four alternative careers for Daniel Radcliffe…


1. Receptionist

He’s already done an hour trial run and left his colleagues grinning from ear to ear. Plus he’s a lovely sight to see as you go into the office of a morning, his disorganisation adds to the charm.

2. Adverts For Hair Products

With all the hair swishing and fringe pushing Dan did throughout the Potter films he’s well practised in the art of modelling his locks. All he needs now is a phrase that tops “because you’re worth it”.


3. Rapper

If he wants to start being known as Daniel Radcliffe rather than Harry Potter then this is the way to go. You can find him online rapping Eminem’s Slim Shady so look out for him in next years summer festival line-ups.

4. Stripper

 Dan has already had people paying to see him take his clothes off. He featured naked in theatre performance Equus and certainly has the body for the job.


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