If the promo spin around 50 Shades of Grey is to be believed apparently Northern Ireland has only one good looking male celebrity to speak of and that – for those of you living under a rock, is Jamie Dornan.

I don’t agree. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard not to be captivated by Jamie – he is a model after all.

But I have proof that no matter what your tastes are there are some quite dishy home grown hunks here in our wee country.

If you don’t believe me check out this list of 31 home-grown Northern Ireland hunks (in no particular order):

1. Jamie Dornan
Ok, it would be unfair not to mention Jamie. The 50 Shades of Grey superstar and globally renowned model seems to look great in everything…even locally produced drama The Fall in which he plays a sick serial killer.

INBV-Jamie Dornan shutterstock

2. Rory McIlroy
I admit, Rory is an acquired taste but the golf hero has become a bit of a sporting icon to young people across the country. He even managed to make golf a little bit cool.

3. Gary Lightbody
Snow Patrol frontman Gary has that cute geeky look going on. The reality is while he doesn’t have the obvious looks like Jamie, he can write a mean tune.

INBV-Hunks Gary Lightbody

4. Fra Fee
West End theatre star Fra Fee is a new’ish addition to the local celebrity scene. Growing in popularity you can check him out in person at the Lyric theatre later this month starring in The Last Five Years

INBV-Hunks Fra Fee

5. Jonny Evans
The Manchester United defender doesn’t have a patch on Ryan Giggs in my book but I know a fair few girls across Belfast who swoon after the Newtownabbey sportstar.

SOCCER DEU Man Utd 214325

6. Calum Best
He may not have been born here but our Calum is an honorary Northern Ireland boy thanks to his dad’s beautiful genes. And beautiful he is, he keeps fit, takes lots of hot selfies and is generally a good source of nice pictures.

(c) Calum Best / Twitter

(c) Calum Best / Twitter

7. Patrick Kielty
Babyface Patrick has it all. That mischevious clean cut look coupled with the ability to make us laugh. Not only that he’s good to his mammy and likes coming home. How could we not love him!


8. Colin Morgan
Merlin star Colin might be a surprise entry to the list but he has gained a massive following of young women across the UK and America since he shot to fame in the BBC drama. He’s not my taste but I get why he deserves a shot on the list.

Merlin V

9. Aaron McCusker
Best known for his role in Shameless the rugged Aaron has that real Northern Ireland country boy charm about him. You could almost say our answer to Danny Dyer.


10. Ciaran McMenamin
The thing about Primeval star Ciaran is that he’s a natural. He’s not over polished or groomed but looks equally as good discheveled as he does suited and booted.

INBV-Hunks Ciaran McMenamin

11. Jim Eastwood
They say that a good suit and a powerful demeanour can improve a man’s sex appeal. I’m not fully convinced. But when I heard someone recently refer to The Apprentice star Jedi Jim as “hot” I thought I better give him a chance on the list.


12. Liam Neeson
Now the thing is my mum absolutely loves Liam Neeson and I did think twice about putting him on the list. But the reality is, regardless of age the Hollywood superstar really is a dish.


13. Stephen Hagan
West End star Stephen has the clean-shaven pretty boy look going on. Well groomed and well presented, he’s the picture perfect boy to bring home to the parents.


14. Tommy Bowe
Ulster Rugby star Tommy is like a big jolly teddy bear. Fun, good looking and I bet he gives great hugs. He wasn’t actually born here but given his contribution to the rugby we won’t quibble.

©Russell Pritchard  Tues 19th May 2015Ulster Rugby Press Conference before their Guinness PRO 12 Play Off match against Glasgow warriors held at Kingspan Stadium, Ravenhill, Belfast.Ulsters Tommy Bowe©Russell Pritchard / Presseye

15. Eddie Irvine
There’s just something about Eddie Irvine. And I’m not the only person that thinks so. I’ve definitely got an older man crush going on with him.

Northern Ireland’s leading, local cancer charity Action Cancer h

16. Jimmy Nesbitt
Now…this was a hard one because I really didn’t think Jimmy should go on the list. But I gave in to peer pressure as a result of other people pointing out his redeeming qualities.

INBV-Hunks Jimmy Nesbitt

17. Graeme McDowell
Golf star Graeme really is a wee bit of a dish. Unlike Rory, he’s not an acquired taste – he just has it. A big cute smile and a jolly persona.

INBV-Hunks Graeme McDowell

18. Darren Clarke
Marrying a model agency boss has done golf star Darren the world of good. He’s got that George Clooney older man, distinguished grey-hair thing going on and it’s working.

INBV-Hunks Darren Clarke

19. Kyle Lafferty
I don’t know much about him but Kyle seems to have that real street boy charm. A bit of a loose cannon but the Northern Ireland football star ambitious and talented.

29 March 2015 -   Picture by Darren Kidd / Press Eye. Northern Ireland vFinland, Euro 2016 Qualifier at Windsor Park, Belfast. Vauxhall Man of the Match, Kyle Lafferty

20. Paddy Jackson
Ulster fly-half Paddy is one of the youngest on our list. To be honest way out of the age range for me to look at in any way as a hunk. But given that I did see someone on Facebook describe him as “really hot yum yum” I suspect he’s a favourite among young rugby fans.

INBV-Hunks Paddy Jackson

21. Gerard McCarthy
Gerard shot to fame as the cross-dressing transexual Kris in Hollyoaks but since leaving the show he’s shown a number of other sides to his look and personality, best known recently in his adaptation of Dracula.

Blank Caption

22. Ray Stevenson
He’s The Punisher. He’s from Lisburn and it’s undeniable that there’s just something about him.

INBV-Hunks Ray Stevenson

23. Clive Standen
Clive is best known for his appearances in cult shows such as Robin Hood, Camelot, Atlantis, Vikings and Dr Who and for his numerous looks, all of which I have to say I’m a bit partial to.

INBV-Hunks Clive Standen

24. Warren Christie
Best known for his roles in Apollo 18 and the TV show Alphas Warren is simply nice to look at…I dare you to argue.

INBV-Hunks Warren-Christie

25. Jonjo O’Neill
The Fall and Fortitude actor Jonjo O’Neill has that handsome chiseled look and with his striking blue eyes he’d be hard to miss in a crowd.

INBV-Hunks Jonjo O'Neill

26. Shane Brolly
If you had eyes for Kraven in the Underworld trilogy then you will be suitably impressed to hear that Shane was born in Belfast.

INBV-Hunks Shane Brolly

27. Andrew Simpson
Another one for the younger fans is star of The Life and Adventures of Nick Nickleby. Fresh faced Andrew is a hit with the teens apparently.

INBV-Hunks Andrew Simpson

28. Damien O’Hare
He’s one of the lesser known actors on our list but Damien is known for his role as Gillette in Pirates of the Caribbean and has had a number of roles in UK TV which include Doctor Nick Burnett in The Royal.

INBV-Hunks Damien OHare

29. Martin McCann
Star of short films such as Boogaloo & Graham, X&Y and The Survivalist Martin is a firm favourite on the local scene and is also known as a wee bit of a Bono lookalike at times due to his role as the rock star in Killing Bono.

INBV-Hunks Martin McCann shutterstock

30. David Healy
Northern Ireland football star David has been on the hunk list for a long time. He definitely pre-dates both Jamie Dornan and recent sportstar hunk Rory McIlroy. What’s not to like about him.

INBV-Hunks David Healy

31. Andrew Trimble
If you like the surfer look then rugby player Andrew is the answer to your prayers. The problem is most of his pictures are on the pitch and they are never flattering. I’ve found one nice one…but, if you Google wisely you will find a 2012 calendar picture of him…topless!

INBV-Hunks Andrew Trimble

So…you get what I mean. There’s more to life than Jamie Dornan and this is proof that there’s a good bit of breeding in our boys…and while I’ve been given even more names since starting this piece such as Damien McGinty, Richard Dormer, Ciaran Gribbin, Neil Hannon, Ricky Warwick and Vivian Campbell I’m keen to hear your suggestions.

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