To Do List for The Longest Day on Sunday June 21:

1. Grow a beard

2. Go for that extra scoop of ice cream

3. Adopt an animal from Belfast Zoo

4. Visit Titanic Belfast and imagine what it’d be like if the ship hadn’t hit an iceberg

5. Persuade an elderly relative to get a tattoo

6. Laugh so hard that milk comes down your nose (even if you haven’t been drinking milk)

7. Go on a ferry

8. Book tickets for a concert for someone you’ve never heard of then start from scratch in becoming their number one fan

9. Order a Big Mac from McDonald’s while wearing a Burger King crown

10. Get on your bike

11. Roll down a hill (manually rather than on your bike)

12. Pretend you’re a robot for 45 minutes


14. Read someone a bedtime story

15. Don’t forget about your dad

16. Start a diary

17. Attempt a food challenge

18. Use a search engine other than Google

19. Shave off your beard

20. Relax

21. Leave a pound coin in a supermarket trolley for the next person to discover

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