It seems us Norn Irish have come to be associated with our fair share of, shall we say, ‘interesting’ habits, so we do.

How many of these do YOU recognise? What else do us charming Norn Irish say?


1. We Get Morbidly Offended When Someone From Outside NI Dares Slag It Off

Yes, we all love slagging off our wonderful little traits – between the accents and the people, nothing is off-limits. If you’re actually from here that is…

You get staunchly proud and deeply offended as soon as an ‘outsider’ attempts to join in. That’s right Kit Harington, we will never forget… And by the way, the Titanic was fine when it left us.

2. Refer to Everything As ‘Wee’


As we mentioned before in our NI Words And Phrases You Will Only Hear In NI, if you’re in NI you are almost guaranteed to be asked to enter your ‘wee’ number from your bank card (yes, the 16 digit long one…)

3. You Text And Email Everything Instead Of Ringing


Mainly because we dread that part of the phone-call where it comes to saying goodbye. Because it takes about the same length as the entirety of the blemmin’ conversation altogether.

4. You Treat Sukie Like It’s The Holy Grail


Got a hangover? Fear not – it’s nothing a simple Sukie will not fix (and some paracetamol and a Boojum, obviously)

5. Sun’s Out Gun’s Out

People-enjoy-the-sunshine-011 (1)

We rarely get to see the sun here in Norn Iron, and we darn well make sure we make the most of it when we do.

Carry-outs under one arm, men take off their tops for the world and their grannies to see their pot-bellies, whilst teenage girls search in vain for the skimpiest short shorts they can squeeze themselves into and we set off in our droves to Botanic or the City Hall – where it inevitably gets cloudy again.

6. Assume everyone else from outside NI is ‘from the country’

Try as we might to understand where you’re from, if we’ve never heard of it, we place it in that faraway, mystical land called the ‘country’ in our minds to make our lives easier…


7. We’re Intensely Proud (Part Of) Game Of Thrones Is Filmed Here


Getting over our beef with Harington, we love Game Of Thrones, and love it even more now that we know so much of it is filmed throughout NI.

It makes our pub life more exciting too, with plenty of the cast’s main stars often spotted out and about in Belfast, including Lavery’s and even Wetherspoon’s – The Bridge House.

8. There’s a big difference between a ‘carry out’ and a takeaway (ie. a Chinese)


Not to be confused. Your shopping for Saturday night’s pre-swall is not a curry half and half. That comes later. On the way home.

9. Complain The Weather Is Roastin’ Or Balticsun

Come rain, hail or (the odd time) shine, we love a good moan about the weather. How else could we make small talk after all?

10. These Are At Every Birthday Party/ Funeral/ Work-Do/ Every Imaginable Function…


Never under-estimate the ability of a 15 to make your day.

11. Can’t Live Without A Cuppa


Go on, you will, you will, you will, you will, you will, you will.

12. Make People Feel Awkward When They Try To Give You A Compliment


We must really learn to just say thanks so we can all move on with the rest of our day…

13. We Think Of Liam As ‘Ours’


The fact that ‘our Liam’ originally hails from Ballymena, but is now an international Hollywood actor fills us all with hope. But alas, we dream…

14. We Hate Pigeons


Um, why are they everywhere? They’ve also become so not afraid of us now, that we find we’re giving way for them in the street nowadays… Which is more than a little embarrassing.

15. This Switch…

immersion switch

The dreaded screech and thunderous steps up the stairs when your ‘mummy’ discovers you have turned on the immersion heater switch, (so that God forbid, you could have a warm bath for once), is one of true fear… Okay, so maybe it’s been left on for five or six hours…

16. Please – We’re Far Too Busy To Take Our Rolls Out


If we gotta do our shopping in our rollers, it truly doesn’t bother us.

17. Or Change Out Of Our PJ’s…


Just a typical scene in Belfast – a woman popping out to the shop in her pyjamas…

18. Crisp Sandwiches Are A Staple Part Of Your Diet


A crisp sarnie is a staple in your diet like one of your five a day (only you don’t actually take your 5 a day, obvs – or do the grapes in wine and apples in cider count? If so we must be the healthiest people alive.)

19. As Are These…


There’s nothing cheekier than a bacon butty Belfast Bap. (No not even a Nandos…)

20. Our Julian Impression is Always. On. Point.

We watch him enough, so really it would be kinda more embarrassing if  we couldn’t do a dead on Julian (right…?)

21. We Have Our Own Vocabulary


Scundered? Awk sure ya know yerself, we speak Norn Irish. With a wee bit of English thrown in.

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