We like to think we’re ahead of the curve… no, we don’t have a crystal ball or resident psychic but we can still spot a good thing before it happens.

What kind of people would we be if we didn’t share our top tip offs with you?

So here it is, in big black lettering – 2016 WILL BE YEAR OF THE COMEBACK!!!

Here is how we know…

1. Craig David

You might remember Craig’s appearance on the X Factor in late 2015 and the entire country went mental. Since then he has upped the ante on his public appearances, announced a Dublin gig and released a few tracks. More recently, he took on the mighty Justin Bieber covering ‘Love Yourself’ for Radio 1’s Live Lounge and left Twitter in a frenzy again. There is a bang of successful comeback off this and we couldn’t be happier, it’s about time there was some quality garage beats back on the airwaves. Here is Craig’s version of ‘Love Yourself’ for your listening pleasure. Let us know what you think.

2. Ryanair


The budget airline has finally announced its return to Belfast International Airport with a London route flying a handful of time a week. More routes are planned for later in the year too. When I say Holi, you say Day. Holiday, Holiday! It has been around five years since the airline flew from here so this is a particularly positive comeback.

3. Bridget Jones


We agree that Bridget is not everyone’s favourite but Bridget Jones’ Diary is a cult classic all the same. The third instalment in the series, Bridget Jones’ Baby is expected in cinemas in September. The rom-com will be the first time we share in the continuing adventures of British publishing executive since 2004 and we cannot wait to see what 40 year old Bridget is like.

4. Northern Irish Football

NI football

It is over 30 years since Northern Ireland qualified for an international championship so it is no surprise there has been some real excitement since they qualified for the Euros. This is set to build as we get closer to the first game against Poland in June. Adding more fuel to the fire is that the Republic of Ireland, led by Northern Ireland’s Martin O’Neill have also qualified and have been drawn in a different group so there is plenty of reason to cheer.

5. Carbs


It would seem that carbs are back on the menu for the year ahead just with one difference, smart choices. A study published last month details that we can now distinguish the types of carb that provide nutrients and lasting energy from those that simply make us fat. As a result good carbs like oats, rice and certain breads are being incorporated in wellness cooking and celebrity chef recipes.

Body Fuel, a new book by a former trainer of US special forces, Mark Lauren will be published later this month and it goes into specific detail on how to separate and enjoy slow fuel carbs (vegetables, fruits, wholegrain rice, oats, pasta, etc.) and fast-fuel carbs (sugars, processed and refined foods).

Most telling in this comeback story is that a new family of supergrains, farro, amaranth and kamut will be introduced in February’s release of PowerGrains so we are sure to see these causing a stir and popping up in home cooking and restaurants nearby. Why not throw a few in your lunch tomorrow and really impress your colleagues with your trendy meal, thanks to us of course.


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