The famous North West 200 motorcycle racing is at full throttle this week.

Are you one of the people who’s never given it a chance?

We asked belfastvibe readers why you should go…

Alan Bell
For the experience and great local people who not only let you park in their drive quite cheaply but will cook you a burger for two quid and let et you use their loo for free. Now, that’s good value. And all on the race course.

INBV-NW 10 Voices Alan Bell

Davy McLarnon
As kids we would hide in behind a wall at Juniper Hill and the bikes would shoot past flat out only feet from you – fantastic.

INBV-NW 10 Voices Davy McLarnon

Davy Greer
The ride up is fantastic because the roads are stuffed with bikes. I like to ride up in the morning, look round the merchandise stalls, get a bite to eat, ride home and open a bottle of cider and watch the racing on the telly.

INBV-NW 10 Voices Davy Greer

Karen Woodside
An international event on our doorstep, top class riders risking all for the thrill of racing on public roads. You will not meet friendlier people who all have the same interests each supporting their favourite.

INBV-NW 10 Voices Karen Woodside

Louise Fisher
The atmosphere is unmissable, it brings people world wide to it and you meet new people every year. There is something for everyone to enjoy and the races are fantasically fast and exciting.

INBv-NW 10 Voices Louise Fisher

Colin Calder
You don’t know what you’re missing – it’s the speed, the noise and the bikes.

INBV-NW 10 Voices Colin Calder

Sarah McBride
The atmosphere, the thrill of the races, the entertainment around the course, the hospitality of the North Coast

INBV-NW 10 Voices Sarah McBride

Aidan Donnelly
The atmosphere is second to none! Smells, sounds and sights! From the practice days to race day!

INBV-NW 10 Voices Aidan Donnelly

Sharon Wilkinson
It definitely is fantastic and totally unmissable.
It’s the best event in our country!

INBV-NW 10 Voices Sharon Wilkinson

Laura Lacole
It is a rich part of Northern Irish culture, particularly in our smaller towns.
Racing is adrenaline-filled as it is but put it on public roads with potholes and lamp posts and you enter insane levels of danger.

INBV-NW 10 Voices Laura Lacole

Trish Semple
The atmosphere is amazing, you can walk round all the tents and watch the mechanics working away on the bikes, rub shoulders with the riders and soak up the atmosphere. The sound of the pack leaving the grid is momentarily deafening but thrilling.

INBV-NW 10 Voices Trish Semple

Dshamilja Sophia Sturm
Biker boys! Haha

INBV-NW 10 Voices Dshamilja Sophia Sturm

Bobbie Carson
The noise, the smell, the atmosphere, the craic, the views……all reasons not to miss it….

INBV-NW 10 Voices Bobbie Carson

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