Other than that strange yellow ball shining in the sky, mixed with a curious rise in temperature and subsequent serious decrease of clothing on the streets, here’s 10 surefire ways of knowing summer has officially arrived in Belfast.

1. Sun’s Out – Taps Aff

Sunbathing at City Hall

In Belfast, you’ll know summer has officially arrived when you have to (literally) shield your eyes not against the sun – but from the sight of hundreds of Milky Bar-white torsos basking in the sunlight outside City Hall.

2. Everyone Else Swarms To Botanic

Sunbathing in Botanic

Those who aren’t frequenting City Hall head to nearby Botanic Gardens to sizzle up a storm. Meanwhile, totally coincidentally, nearby off-licences boast record-breaking sales of Frosty Jacks and Blue WKD.

3. Short Shorts

Denim hotpants

Another reason to avert your eyes, teenage girls are serial offenders at this one.

As soon as the sun starts to shine, expect swarms of 13 year olds+  in their colloquial summer uniform of hotpants and Converse.

4. Fake Tan. Fake Tan Everywhere…

Tan gif Friends

We hope – for everyone’s sake – that it doesn’t suddenly start raining. Because if you thought a streaky tan was bad, wait until you’ve witnessed literal puddles of fake tan in the mud (as witnessed at Tennent’s Vital).

5. BBQ In The Rain

BBQ in the rain

It simply wouldn’t be summertime if your dad wasn’t forced to shelter both himself – & the food – from torrential rain whilst looking increasingly miserable under a huge golf umbrella.

Maybe it’s just a Belfast dad thing, but they appear to need the rain to come along just to remind them that the ‘sassidges’ are well and truly cooked. To a crisp.

6. Weird & Wonderful Shoes Come Out

Jelly shoes and the equally retro espadrilles have seriously come back into vogue in Belfast in the last couple of years.

7. Da Rocks Socks With Sandals – and thinks he looks ‘grand’

Socks and sandals

Dad strikes again.

8. We Hear The Ice Cream Bell In Our Sleep

Ice cream van botanic gardens

From Botanic to City Hall, there seems to be ice-cream vans everywhere we turn when the sun is shining in Belfast. From City Hall, to Botanic Gardens, and Cranmore Park. And we’re definitely not complaining.

9. Somebody Still Finds A Way To Whinge


There’s always one. For 364 days of the year they complain it’s ‘absolutely baltic.’ God forbid the sun should come out. Then they’re ‘sweltered.’

Guess you just can’t win with some people…

10. Graduations

Summer graduations

Summer means attempting to avoid photo-bombing every graduate’s special moment each time we walk past Queen’s University.

11. Cool FM Plays Summertime

When you hear this tune on the radio, it’s seriously official…

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