Delicious finger sandwiches, crumbling pastries and melt in the mouth local scones and breads…

Yes – we are reminiscing about our unforgettable trip to the Stormont Hotel for Festive Afternoon Tea.

We are unashamedly foodie obsessed, so we feel well qualified to tell you the 10 reasons why you should go for Festive Afternoon Tea at the Stormont Hotel. (We’d tell you more, but we need to go and lay down…)

1. The Sandwiches


Because we’re not animals, everyone knows that whilst you may have unfettered access to the three tiers, you go straight for the sandwiches first.

And we’re so very glad we did.

Because with the 3 delicious flavours on offer served on Irwin’s Fresh Breads – Givan’s Ham and Wholegrain Mustard; County Antrim Turkey and Traditional Stuffing; and the Leggygowan Goats Cheese with wild Cranberry Chutney – we’re glad we had room for these.

2. It’s Home To The Greatest Scones We’ve Ever Had


The warm freshly baked Cranberry and Cinnamon Scones are literally the best we’ve ever tasted (and, rather embarrassingly, we’ve tried a lot).

But once you add the tasty Fruit Preserves and Fresh Cream, you’re never going to want to leave. But sadly you have to (because you know, work, unfortunately).

3. The Mince Pies Are A (Very) Welcome Addition

The Mince Pies...

An Afternoon Tea experience in general is great. Throw in (warmed) mince pies, and we’ll be happy for the rest of the day.

Add cream. Sit back, take a bite. And enjoy.

4. The Toasted Irwin’s Traditional Fruit Loaf Is The Stuff Of Dreams

Truly the hidden gem of this triple tiered array of festive treats, opt for these before you run out of room!

5. The ‘Selection of Irish Pastries’ Will Make You Think You’ve Died & Gone To Heaven


No exaggeration.

Luckily, you don’t have to choose between the Chocolate and Orange Biscuit, Traditional Jam Tart and homemade Christmas Cake.

Because if you did, it would be impossible.

6. You’ve (Probably) Never Experienced This Before…


Going out on a whim, we’re guessing you may never have tried an Earl Grey and Plum Jam Crème Brûlée.

We had this life altering experience today – and we’re hooked.

Possibly the highlight of an incredibly decadent array – but we’re torn between these and the sandwiches (and the mince pies, and the scones, and the bread – okay we admit it – it’s too hard to choose…)

7. Value For Money

Whilst we’d love to pretend our money is limitless, as a ‘journalist’ (of sorts) we must look after our pocket money. Especially at this time of year.

We’d done a bit of research beforehand (okay, we’ve had afternoon tea at various other locations across Belfast), and were extremely impressed with the value for money on offer here.

Not only was it a more competitive price than other Afternoon Teas we’ve experienced, but the quality of the food and deceptively large amount on offer left us raving about the whole experience.

8. The Atmosphere

La Scala

It’s officially December, and we’re loving the Christmas atmosphere at the Stormont Hotel.

Vouchers for Afternoon Tea are available online and we reckon they’d make a great thoughtful Christmas present for someone special – we’re just trying to figure out if we’d forgive our mum if she didn’t take us as her plus one.

9. The Tea & Coffee

The cappucino was amazing

A wonderful blend of Assam and Kenya’s finest teas, selected specially for Hastings Hotels and blended right here in Belfast by Thompson’s Family Teas to create the perfect combination of flavour and bouquet.

There’s also a tasty selection of speciality, fruit and herbal teas.

But I went full steam ahead with a frothy cappuccino – and it was good. Indeed, I’m told all of their coffee is a specially selected combination of quality Arabica beans, sourced and roasted by Bewley’s in Dublin.

10. The (coughs) Festive Alternative

Aka, a chance to have a drink with lunch. In the form of paying £24 to upgrade your choice to include a glass of Mulled Wine, or £26 to include a Kir Royale.

Or if you’re looking to get particularly ‘merry’ – the festive cocktail menu includes such tempting tipples as the Night Before Christmas (Disaronno Liqueur, mulled cranberries & Chambord black raspberry liqueur). Tempted, us?

Plus, you get a handy ‘doggy bag’ – just in case you don’t eat it all at the time (Spoiler alert – you probably won’t)

(It makes for a great dinner).

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