With Tesco announcing that they’re finally going to ditch the “Unexpected item in bagging area” messages from their self scan checkouts, here are 10 more really annoying messages that infuriate us on a day-to-day basis.
Annoying Buffering
1. Buffering
Round and round and round it goes, when it stops nobody knows.
Annoying Phone
2. The number you have dialled is not recognised, please check and try again.
I’d actually prefer it if the incredibly polite woman inside my phone said, “Oi fat fingers, you’ve dialled the wrong number. Please hang up and take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror”.
Annoying Facebook
3. Sorry this page isn’t available
The iconic sore thumb image from Facebook. But here’s the question – if something isn’t working, why are we getting the thumbs up?
Annoying - Chrome Dinosaur
4. Unable to connect to the internet
Can someone explain how Google Chrome think a low-res dinosaur is going to soften the blow of being left out in the cold while everyone else is having fun on the internet?
Annoying Netflix
5. We’re having trouble playing this title right now
I’d gathered that, Netflix. But I’d much rather you’d fixed it than try to appease me with this message. And while you’re at it how about adding a few pornos?
Annoying ATM
6. This ATM is out of service
Damn you ATM. You’ve one job to do. Dispense money from a hole in the wall. When the person using the ATM is out of money it takes great pleasure in displaying that you have no funds available, yet when it runs out of money it just sits there looking smug.
Annoying Password
7. The password you entered doesn’t meet password policy requirements
The result of having to jump through hoops to make your passwords as complicated as possible is that you can’t remember any of them and have to reset them every time you log in.
Annoying Emergency
8. Emergency calls only
Even more annoying when you’ve got full signal. I suppose the one consolation is none of the PPI people can get in contact with you.
Annoying Snap
9. Aw snap
Another classic annoying message from Google Chrome. I doubt if even Ned Flanders says “Aw snap” when the internet crashes on him.
Annoying Keep Calm
10. Keep Calm
Why can’t I be passionate about something without remaining calm? Alternatively, why can’t I be passionate about something without sharing it in a Keep Calm poster.

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