Forget beer (just for a moment) and let’s have a look at some of the best shouts for a hot chocolate in Belfast.

Here’s a list of some of our favourite – but as always, we want to know – where’s your favourite? Send in your best hot choccie pics to for your favourite to be added to the list!

1. Sinnamon Coffee

80 Stranmillis Rd

12204236_1243067062386951_1676891187_o (1)

As you can (probably) tell, this is the large hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream – and some extremely chocolatey sauce thrown on top for good measure. If you’re forever searching for a hot chocolate that actually tastes strongly like chocolate – this is paradise.

Be warned though – placing the marshmallows on the side of the plate is ideal for those friends without boundaries to nick yours (when they quickly regret their decision to go with a less decadent choice)…

2. Cafe Mauds

555 Lisburn Rd

mauds 2

Because their specialised hot chocolate menu means you have a decadent list featuring your favourite chocolate bars (including the rather delicious Mint Aero), plus a mash up of frothy cream, marshmallows and syrups to choose from. Be warned, the choice is hard – because the menu is that big. Ah, decisions, decisions.

3. Co Couture

7 Chichester St


Our Number One Dessert destination also does a decadent hot chocolate, which is, unsurprisingly, delicious. Their speciality is chocolate…

4. Clements

Locations throughout Belfast


Check out last year’s hit – the Chocolate Orange Hot Choccy… Slurp.

Whilst each individual shop carries a different menu in order to ensure their individuality, Clements still offers the orange flavour but also a peppermint, caramel, white chocolate and a variety of others. They even have some specials coming up for Christmas too. We cannot wait.

5. Treat Boutique

13 Wellington Pl

treat boutique hot choc

As also featured in ‘9 Of The Most Deliciously Decadent Dessert Spots In Belfast‘, Treat Boutique also do amazing hot chocolates. Ideal for washing down those mega chocolaty Nutella Brownies.

6. 5A

5A Lockview Road

hot choc

Not only does this hidden little gem (and one of Kit Harrington’s rumoured favourite haunts) serve up fantastic authentic coffees, but their hot chocolates are to die for. Even better? The cosy atmosphere adds to the cuddly feeling as you wrap up warm and pity those less unfortunate outside in the freezing cold – or without seats.

7. Jenz 

207 Lisburn Rd


The Kinder Bueno hot chocolate with marshmallows and frothy whipped cream is legendary… a must-try.

8. Hotel Chocolat

9 William St South

Hotel Chocolat.

Described as ‘Good for the soul’ with Classic; Milky; Salted Caramel; Hazelnut; and Chilli Chocolate all on offer… we’d have to wholeheartedly agree.

Warning: You can also buy tubs to take away. Seriously tempting – especially as they are available online.

9.  Espresso Elements

370A Lisb Rd


Because how adorable is this Shooting Star White Chocolate Hot Chocolate? One of our favourite things about the festive period…

10. Common Grounds Cafe

12-24 University Av

common grounds

The only thing we relish more than a coffee from this excellently located gem, is the scrumptious array of hot choccies. Choose your syrup from Cinnamon, Vanilla, Caramel, Salted Caramel, Chai, Hazelnut, Chocolate and add cream and marshmallows for the most indulgent hot coco ever – perfect for buying en route to the PFC (be warned: may even further increase the odds of you falling asleep…)

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